Virgin Sugarista Guide

New to sugaring? This guide will take you through all the prep and aftercare information you need!

Sugaring Prep Guide

  • For your first visit, we recommend at least two and half weeks of hair growth on all body parts excluding legs. For optimal results hair should be the length of a grain of rice.
    • For leg sugaring, we recommend at least three to four weeks of hair growth to achieve the best results. Truly the longer the better.
    • If pubic hair is too long, the sugar will cause a tugging sensation. Please do a slight trim prior. But do not cut too short.
  • Do not exfoliate the day before, or of, your sugaring service.
  • Avoid wearing perfume, lotion or deodorant on the area to be sugared the day of service.
  • If you would like to apply numbing cream, please do so an hour and a half before your appointment so it has time to take effect.
  • NO MORE SHAVING! Toss the razors. Shaving in between sugaring sessions is a big no-no. This causes the hair to be coarse, thick and you will not reap the benefits sugaring has to offer

Sugaring After Care Guide

  • The area may be temporarily red and sensitive for a few hours following the service. This reaction is normal and most commonly disappears within a few hours.
  • Do not exfoliate for 48 hours following treatment. After 48 hours make sure to exfoliate at least 3x a week to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs and ensure your skin stays smooth and soft.
    • Our preferred method of exfoliation is dry brushing. This can be purchased at The Mystic Peach. Exfoliation is essential for legs, Brazilian and underarms services.
  • No tanning beds 24 hours following your treatment.
  • Apply lotion after exfoliating to hydrate the skin.

Have questions? Reach out to us!