Maintenance should be every 4-5 weeks. Hair will be thin, fluffy and patchy. After 5 weeks the root becomes bulbous, making your skin more susceptible to pain during our sugar session.

Yes, we can definitely complete this service. We just ask that you wear a tampon. Also note, the skin is more sensitive during that time of the month, so you may feel some discomfort.

We accept all major credit cards, debit and, of course, cash.

We recommend every 10-14 days.

Our solutions are completely safe, organic and vegan. We just prefer that your skin has had the chance to shed all of its dead skin cells, and old tan before coming back. This will allow for perfect colour every time.

For those who crave a tan more frequently, make sure to follow all of our prep instructions thoroughly.

We do not have onsite parking. However, being in the heart of downtown Hamilton, there are plenty of meters available on Haymarket, Augusta, Hunter and Jackson. All steps away from the shop.