Spray Tan Prep and Aftercare

If you’re new to spray tanning, you might be surprised to know there are ways to prepare and care for your body to get the best results possible! We have a guide to help you take care of your skin before and after you come tan with us!

How to prep for your spray tan

1. The day before your tan please shave, and exfoliate well. This will remove dead skin, help hair follicles close, and make your tan last. The better the exfoliation the better the spray tan.

2. Day of tan no lotion or deodorant. Even if you feel dry like an alligator fight the urge. Clean skin allows the bronzer to set and activate. Also wearing deodorant causes green circles and discolouration, steer clear.

3. Please wear dark loose clothing. Bring flip flops or loose-fitting shoes. If you can avoid a bra, do so. Wearing tight-fitting clothes after a tan will cause streaks, and will move the bronzer around. This defeats the purpose of getting a professional tan. Leave those jeans at home.

4. Always bring an umbrella if raining. Those raindrops are not our friends on tanning days.

5. Please do not wear any jewellery (ie necklaces and bracelets or anything of value). The Mystic Peach will not be held responsible for any lost items that may have been taken off before a tanning session.

Spray Tan Aftercare

The solution is used to develop over time. Be patient for that amazing look you longed for.

Regular solutions should be allowed to develop for at least 10-12 hours. Overnight is best. Rapid tan solutions should be allowed to process on the skin for 2-6 hours. 2 hours being lightest, 3/4 hours for medium and 6 hours being dark.

Always gently wash your hands when you get in from your tan. Not up to your wrists, just the palms and between fingers. This removes access bronzer and allows wrists and palms to be even and to look natural

Your first shower should always be lukewarm and short. Hot showers are always tempting and relaxing, but for the spray tan, it is a nightmare. Stay in the shower until the water runs clear. Once it runs clear, all bronzer is now off of the skin.

Soap should only be used on underarms and the nether regions for the first rinse. Try to avoid shampooing for that first rinse.

Do not use loofahs or washcloths. Always use pH balanced soaps and products. Stay away from Dove and Oil of Olay as it damages and changes the colour of the tan. Stay away from a dull razor. Grab a new blade to reduce the possibility of patchiness or cracking.

Always Pat Dry! DO NOT RUB

And then comes the importance of a moisturizer. Keep your skin hydrated to avoid cracking and dullness. Dry skin and spray tans don’t mix. Water-based lotions are best.

Sunscreen is important. Buy yourself a waterproof aerosol. This allows your skin to be protected, while oils from the SPF will not cause the tan to break for it’s falling gently on the skin, rather than rubbed in.

Products to stay away from:

  • Band-Aids and adhesive tapes. These can pull off your tan.
  • Bar soaps and shower gel with antibacterial and deodorant properties.
  • Body hair bleaching products.
  • A facial mask, exfoliating scrubs, and shaving gel.
  • Alcohol-based toner.
  • Moisturizers with mineral oil, paraffin wax, parabens, and other petroleum products.

And there we have it! With these steps you will achieve your maximum spray tan glow here at The Mystic Peach!